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Recent Moffatts Buys

Here are just a few of the Moffatt CDs that I have bought on Ebay in the last few months.

Chapter 1: A New Beginning
chapter one a new beginning with extras
This CD comes from Singapore and includes an OBI strip with stickers and four postcards. The CD colour is red other wise this is the same as the Canadian release.

Chapter 1: A new beginning
chapter one a new beginning
This Chapter 1 comes from Indonesia and is the same as the Canadian release expect it has a blueish purple CD.

submodalities with obi
Printed in Taiwan with an OBI strip otherwise your typical Submodalities.

Misery (promo)
misery promo
Coming from the UK and containing only one track. I love the cover of this CD single.

Who Do You Love (promo)
why do you love promo
This CD single comes from Asia and is pretty rare; it contains only one track.

I often buy Moffatt CDs on ebay and will post them here when I recieve them. I paid for a SUPER rare one the other day so stayed tuned for that!

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  1. wow.. the s’pore pack is luxurious….

    Anggi - April 16th, 2007 at 3:45 am

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